1. R

    DR650S-2ch internal GPS CMOS battery dead

    I've had this set for about two years now and it's been great. The last month or so, I noticed that the time in the video keeps slipping and resetting to 0:00. I would think that the thing would grab the time off of the GPS satellites, but no.... It has a CMOS battery in it to hold it's time...
  2. D

    Dashcam plays in a mount ring

    Hi, I have just purchased DR650S and during mounting noticed thay there it is not sitting tight in a mount ring and plays noticably. Similar to what is filmed on this video: Is it normal? Tnx.
  3. 7DayCam

    How about a 5 minutes installation ODB version "Power Magic Pro"?

    Many customers complained the PMP installation took too long time to install. So we designed a prototype OBD power adaptor for BlackVue dash cameras. It is quite simple to install. You just need to plug the OBD connector to your OBD port under the steering wheel and connect the DC part to the...
  4. Devar

    DR650S Lens Elements Configuration

    So I am a bit of a derp here, but I was trying to adjust the focus on my DR650S-2CH's forward (main) camera. I took of the surrounding clip part, then unscrewed the main screw bit. To my dismay, even while doing it carefully, I did a silly thing and just kept unscrewing. Now I've got the...