1. F

    Capture to Final Cut--Putting it all together

    Here is what I have been doing in the last 8 months from know nothing about capturing and editing in October 2020 to know just about nothing today. I'm processing most my captured video and having some fun with it. It can be done. There is also an 8 minute sample of how I setup my drives to...
  2. J

    Best budget dash cam for slow-mo

    I was wondering if you could help me with a question i've been asking myself. I'm after a dashcam in the style of the Xiaomi Yi but not quite ready to shell out big money for the 4K version. The reason being I want to make videos in my car of my driving and use the footage for video editing and...
  3. Fusion Next

    Fusion Next just release FNMultiCam iOS version for testing (can support multi-platform)

    We are please release FNMulticam iOS version for testing , please download as follow link : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1101656817 There are key features : 1.One app support multi-platform : AMBA, NTK,AIT, OTUS 2.Local camera (phone camera) support , use can use remote cam & local cam...
  4. germany

    What Android app can edit Mobius mov files?

    After I put my Mobius microSD card in my phone (Sony Xperia z) I'm able to watch, rename and delete videos. Then I wanted to trim those video clips and tried a few editing apps from google play store but all of a sudden not a single one was working. Most of those apps just broke down while...