1. X

    No Beeping - Red light comes on, goes off after a few seconds.

    Hi, I've attempted many things with this unit, its turning out to be a nightmare... The unit was attached to the AUX outlet on my bike via USB using the power connector supplied. After a while I noticed its not beeping when I turn the bike on and I dont have a wifi signal. I used the unit for...
  2. I

    Accidental Firmware Update Trouble

    About a month ago, I bought my 1st B1W and installed it in my car with no issues. I liked this cam so much that I got another one for my fiancee. I tried installing it in her car today using the same process as I did with mine but this time, I ran into an issue. I inserted the SD card, plugged...
  3. Geordie

    A B1W in an all electric Nissan Leaf car.

    I run an all electric Nissan Leaf car and to start the car for a journey it's necessary to press the brake pedal as you also press the start button. However for just wanting to listen to the radio or music player instead of starting the car, you simply press the start button without also...
  4. T

    Is this really a A118C/B40C?

    Hello, I have done a lot of research into dash cameras and figured the best bang for my buck was the A118C as opposed to risking it and paying more for something that can fry under the sun and inevitably die. Now, I previously ordered an A118C as a gift and it arrived in a box that was...
  5. messi

    G1WH with a -new- chipset @ estore009

    Hi, I purchased my first G1WH at Ebay, estore009, and it is working fine for 6 weeks now. Today I wanted to order a second one, again at estore009, so I clicked on the purchase history link in my Ebay. I almost ordered it but then I saw they updated the G1WH with a new chipset: Model:G1WH...