1. R

    Fake sj7000 help or info

    Hello everyone. Looking for some Information on this cam I bought a few years back. I've figured out that it is a fake sj7000, but I was wondering if there is a way to update it or download software for it? Also, does anyone know of an app that's compatible with these for the wifi feature? Any...
  2. thancam

    HP Dashcam

    As i know: HP only has some models: F300, F310, F335, F100, F720, F520G, F210, F500, F310, F800x.....These models are list on hp website: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/search/search-results.html?ajaxpage=1#/page=3&/action=paging&/qt=car%20camcorder But nowaday, some vendor in my country start to...
  3. P

    FAKE EKEN H9 from Banggood

    I received my EKEN H9 from Banggood and it appears to be a fake. On the EKEN Facebook page they show the settings screen of my camera to be a fake H9se, the firmware number on my camera doesn't even exist yet on EKEN's firmware list. I then contacted Banggood and sent pictures and screen grabs...
  4. L

    Fake xiaomi yi?

    can someone tell me plz if this cmaera is original or fake? The "hole" next to the tripod is missing and if its international veraion the battery back door should be metal and it's plastic
  5. B

    G90C MP4 instead of MOV?

    Hi, I had received my G90C with GPS and noticed that the video quality seems to be lacking when compared to my G1WH. Also, the anti-warp feature doesn't apply to any pictures taken on the G90C. I also recall with some other dashcams that one way to spot a fake is the file format that it...