firefly 8s

  1. S

    Firefly 8s not working

    Just started using my brand new fire fly 8s 170 fov for the second time and it just wont start up. I plugged in the charger and the button at the front having an M symbol seems half lit and thats it it wont respond anymore. Please let me know how to resolve this. I am new to this and not a very...
  2. T

    Can the thieye t5e be used as a webcam by installing the SJCAM SJ7 star firmware.

    Can I use the thieye t5e used as a webcam by installing the SJCAM SJ7 star firmware, and is it possible to install the SJCAM or Firefly 8s firmware in this camera, because they share similar specifications.
  3. R

    Firefly 8s videos

    Thought it would be good to have a thread where firefly 8s users could post their videos. Here are 2 of mine that I put together today. Recorded in 4k at 30fps. Driving footage is in wide fov setting, and all other footage is in medium fov. Time lapse footage is with 1sec interval.
  4. el Producente

    Comparison Video: Xiaomi Mijia - Firefly 8S - YI 4K - GoPro Hero5

    Here's my comparison video of: Xiaomi Mijia - Firefly 8S - YI 4K - GoPro Hero5 incl. spec comparison, audio test, EIS demo,... and Giveaway! You can download original footage from my blog.
  5. TechTronic9000

    HawkEye Firefly 8S - 90° FOV Reviews, tests, firmware updates

    The new HawkEYE Firefly 8S is another action camera based on the solution provided by Ambarella A12 platform chipset and the Sony IMX 117 CMOS sensor. The main features are real 4K resolution, Full HD at 120 FPS and an impressive 720p @ 240 fps which will make stunning slow motion videos. The...