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  1. MissDank

    Deciding on Rexing V1P Pro and Rexing V1P 3rd gen

    This will be my first dash cam. Ive wanted one for a while and finally decided to do it since I just bought a new car 2 days ago. I’ve spent a couple days researching and Rexing seems like the only one who has dual cameras with WiFi that can be hardwired into my car and has good video quality...
  2. Bitmash

    Hi hi, hello from northern Norway

    Hello :) I'm a norwegian dash cam user. Well actually my cams are only on my dash part time -there are so manny other fun places to stick a camera. I do some FPV flying, and some FPV RC car driving, and mounting a decent dash cam on my toys has given me some cool footage. Thank you guys for a...