Hardwire Kit with built-in Timer & Voltage Protection Settings

    Hi there! We've been quietly testing a hardwire kit called the Charger Plus we've developed over the past year. We've gone through several hundred of them and have received very good feedback for them. Below are some of the specs: 【Universally Compatible】– Use a USB cigarette charger to...
  2. A

    dashcam hardwire kit for VW Golf -- which fuse?

    Sorry for double-post. Got a better response from https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/threads/dashcam-hardwire-kit-for-vw-golf-which-fuse.30478/ and didn't know how to delete this post.
  3. Ferginator

    Which side of a fuse is Hot vs Cold?

    I have gone up and down the internet trying to look for this but not getting a clear answer. When I type on how to find the difference of the 2 sides, all I get are explanations telling me what each function is like hot is loader and cold is receiver and not how to physically identify which one...
  4. OmoP

    Can a Low-profile mini fuse be replaced by a mini fuse?

    Is there any caveat to replacing a low-profile fuse with a mini blade one when trying to hardwire a dash cam using an "add-a-circuit"? I was looking to buy a small batch amount of "add-a-circuit" for future installs...
  5. T

    BMW MINI (R56) Best internal fuses to tap (Answer)

    This is not a question, but I thought it would be useful as an easy to search for post. The answer is: Permanent Power: Use the ODB (5A) fuse. That's F27 on my MINI but that might vary. This circuit remains live for > 12 hours under my tests, so safe to presume it is truly a permanent live...