1. M

    Dashcam $100

    Hello. Unfortunately, my car camera has broken (G1WH). I need to buy something new. Maybe you recommend something in the price of $ 100- $ 120? (I prefer aliexpress, gearbest, banggood). My father has Dome D201 and records well, but it scares me that it is so hot and the mounting is very...
  2. Mark S-H

    What is the extra socket for on the G1W-CB camera?

    Hi Guys, I have been using a G1WH for 2 years now. I consider this camera very good and it still works very well except that the USB connector is a bit loose and intend to buy and solder in a new connector to replace it. I wanted to try a A118C B40 camera and saw one on eBay for 30.88 GBP...
  3. Florida Dashcam

    Can't Select Segments of Clips on G1WH During Import. In Desparate Need of a Solution.

    Hey guys! New member here, just have a question. This is a problem I've been having, and it's driving me up a wall because NOBODY can seem to help me understand why this is happening. So I am hoping this amazing forum of all these knowledgeable people may be able to point me in the right...
  4. O

    Latest firmware for G1WH - 18 Mbps

    Is there the latest firmware file with 18 MBps for G1WH from 2017 available?
  5. N

    G1WH high power usage when turned off

    Hi, I have G1WH dash cam for over a year. All was ok, but then issue with loosing date and time showed up. I bought new battery - 400mAh (old was 150 mAh) and replaced it. Thing is that the problem is not gone. I checked the power usage on battery when camera is not connected by micro usb to...
  6. RapidFireXVI

    Hello, RapidFireXVI here.

    Hello, I'm relatively new to the dashcam scene. I got my first one last year after getting into a car accident. It wasn't my fault, but I wanted to still have the extra protection of having a dash camera. I've been through so many trying to get a decent one at a decent price. They can be seen...
  7. C

    G1WH creates corrupted MOV files

    Hi. On a recent 1 hour trip my G1WH created some MOV files that are unreadable in Windows Media Player. Roughly the first 15 minutes (5 recordings) were fine. Then all files after that are corrupted. I use loop recording and a 3 minute interval. The files are approx 160 mb in size. I use 720p...
  8. D

    G1WH Won't Turn On

    I bought my G1WH a year or two ago and it stopped working after less than a year. It has been sitting around and I wanted to figure out what is wrong with it. When it is powered, a blue light is on but the screen doesn't turn on. From what I remember from before, it would turn on but would...
  9. messi

    G1WH with a -new- chipset @ estore009

    Hi, I purchased my first G1WH at Ebay, estore009, and it is working fine for 6 weeks now. Today I wanted to order a second one, again at estore009, so I clicked on the purchase history link in my Ebay. I almost ordered it but then I saw they updated the G1WH with a new chipset: Model:G1WH...