g3 duo

  1. BCHobbyist

    GitUp G3 Duo Modified Firmware MODs Archive

    Expanding my Firmware Modifications to include GitUp G3 & F1 4K Action Cameras plus A129 Duo, A119S, A119, & A119PRO Dash Cams to enhance and improve image quality and function. You are invited to Post your comments, questions, ideas & footage below. This post will be updated with all future MOD...
  2. B

    GitUp G3 Duo - full review - using camera - slave camera - GPS Logger - test clips

    Hi everybody, my full review is now online with using the slave camera, using the GPS logger, motorbiking clips, town clips, mountain biking clips and more.
  3. TonyM

    Gitup G3 Review

    Unboxing the GitUp G3 Duo - kindly sent to me by @gitup for review Retail Box Open Box G3 Duo in Box G3 Duo in Case - Front G3 Duo in Case - Back Open Case G3 Duo and Case G3 Duo with Lens Cap G3 Duo Box Contents Preparation for 1080p60 comparison: GitUp G3 Duo GitUp F1 Xiaomi...
  4. Nigel

    Gitup G3 Video Thread

    Some Videos from the pre-production Gitup G3 Duo (Git3): Testing the Gyro Stabiliser on my bicycle over rough road, includes rear camera footage: Testing the Gyro Stabiliser with 2.2x zoom while walking: Gitup G3 Video (approaching view) mixed with DJI Phantom 4 video (air) and Gitup Git2...
  5. Nigel

    Gitup G3 Photo Thread

    Some Photos and frame grabs from the Gitup G3 (Git3):