1. Bo$s

    GS90C/G90C Firmware - G90-ZX-AMC-2508-S7L

    Hi, I've just found new firmware for GS90C dash cam, it probably works also for G90C as both are using A7LA70 chipset. G90-ZX-AMC-2508-S7L New features which I've noticed: Much bigger font of date and speed displayed on display while recording Over Speed warning for defined speed between 60...
  2. Senjaya

    Perfect Solution! CPL filter for G90.

    Hello. I just want to share what I believed was a perfect solution to install cpl filter to g90. What you need: CPL filter size 52mm Filter Adapter 37mm-52mm 3M Double side Tape Simply stick the 3M to the adapter as following DON'T PEEL THE 3M TAPE, IF YOU DON'T WANT PERMANENT...
  3. Fenix

    G90 Ambarella A7 missing minutes

    The video quality is great with the G90 A7, but I'm having issues with gaps in the recording. Some clips are longer, some are cut off. I'm using a 32gb Samsung EVO microsd I haven't checked which firmware version I have, but it did have some mic problems so I just turned the sound off. Power is...
  4. Osaday

    g90 Battery Problem

    Hello everyone, 4 months ago I owned G90. But now the battery is dead. Where can I buy compatible batteries? What would be the most lasting battery charger? I live in Turkey. Many thanks in advance.