1. D

    Git3 Video playback speed?

    The on-line manual (or the printed one that came with the camera) doesn't mention "video playback speed" but it appears that I can select either X1; X2 or X4 by swiping the display at the bottom left? It's very close to the "settings" icon so it's not a very reliable way to increase playback...
  2. BCHobbyist

    GitUp G3 Duo Modified Firmware MODs Archive

    Expanding my Firmware Modifications to include GitUp G3 & F1 4K Action Cameras plus A129 Duo, A119S, A119, & A119PRO Dash Cams to enhance and improve image quality and function. You are invited to Post your comments, questions, ideas & footage below. This post will be updated with all future MOD...
  3. H

    Git G3 Duo Firmware Mod

    Hi, guys! New firmware mod for Git G3 has been created. Image processing settings have been adjusted, bitrates doubled and new video resolutions (1080p50, 1080p48) added. UPDATE (2019-02-06): Fixed issues with default sensor mode added in previous version, adjusted AE and noise reduction...
  4. Nigel

    Gitup G3 Photo Thread

    Some Photos and frame grabs from the Gitup G3 (Git3):
  5. N

    GitUp Git 3, any info?

    Hey, is there any new info about the upcoming GitUp Git 3? I remember a thread in august that GitUp responded with info of a release in like 2-3 months and a response on another site(Nov 2) that they still need up to 2 months, but no info about it. Any new info like specs or approximate price?
  6. SueTst

    Is the git3 release soon?

    Is the git 3 coming soon? What is the different with git2? When it will be officially release? My friends heard that git 3 is coming so she stop thinking to buy git2 but she don't know how long to wait and is it worth to wait.