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  1. B

    Four Top Budget Action Cameras Side by Side - including battery life test

    A video test I just made comparing 4 of the best action cameras I've tested recently and their battery life. Might be of interest if you are looking for a camera? Very close thing really, though quality online suffered after YouTube compressed the video to death. Battery life differed by as much...
  2. SueTst

    Is the git3 release soon?

    Is the git 3 coming soon? What is the different with git2? When it will be officially release? My friends heard that git 3 is coming so she stop thinking to buy git2 but she don't know how long to wait and is it worth to wait.
  3. Chris Hunt

    Git2 Setup as a Dash Cam

    How to switch from Action Camera mode to Dash Cam mode.
  4. gitup

    GitUp Git2- Support, FAQ, Review

    Finally the Git2 will be available soon. Buy Git2 from Banggood. Before we plan to release the Git2 with OV4689 sensor, at that time, we will be the first to release the latest camera based on NTK96660 chipset with Gyro, but finally we decided to hold releasing this version and go directly...