1. GPSMapper

    Script to extract GPS Data from A119 V3 MP4 / TS

    All credits going to SergeiF Some history He has updated his script adding support for A119 V3 MP4 containers and also introducing TS files support. (Viofo A119 V3 and Blueskysea B4K)
  2. G

    Weird Problem with GPX files when using Registrator Viewer

    I have a Viofo A119 V3 dashcam and am using RV (seems to be without the advert problems). I have 2 (equivalent) scripts that I use to extract GPS data based on work done by Sergei here. One is a Perl script that works perfectly, the other is a Java script which has the problem. Both...
  3. V

    Extract perfectly syncrhonized GPX file from your garmin dash cam video file

    The GPX file produced by my NuviCam is invariably not synchronized with the video. This is a pain. Especially when used with the excellent player Registrator Viewer by Vadim Andreevich Kozlov ( which allows you to click on the map and the video...