1. K

    My first video with SJ6 Legend

    Hoping SJCam give us a flat picture style option for video recording so we could colour correct and colour grade the footages efficiently.
  2. D

    Gyro advantages and disadvantages?

    Hello all, Like probably a lot of you I encountered distracting vibration issues in my action footage and started exploring image stabilization options. After going through this forum and other resources here is a summary of what I found and some question for your review, I hope the ensuing...
  3. Yannick

    Git2 Gyro problems (shaky video)

    I was looking for help on Gitup forum, but haven't received support. And thanks to one of the users there (@omegamoto - respect!), I've found out about DashcamTalk board. But to the point: I've got a problem with my Gitup Git2, which looks like it is gyro related one. My videos are shaky (or...
  4. Sunny

    Review: Firefly 6S 4K Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera with Gyro, NT96660 & Sony IMX078 (

    Thank you @GearBest for providing Firefly 6S action camera for review. It is available at Gearbest here: ********************************* Quick links to review sections: Daytime Screenshots Daytime Videos Night Screenshots Night Videos ********************************* Conclusion: will update...