infrared camera

  1. Q

    DR770X BOX - Won't record on infrared/interior/option camera.

    Back in june 2023 when I installed the cameras all 3 worked as expected, but now, the infrared interior (OPTION) camera refuses to record a thing. I've tried 2 Micro SD cards, both OEM from Blackvue (64 GiB and 256 GiB) and a 3rd one from VIofo Industrial High Endurance 256 GiB. No LTE, just my...
  2. BCHobbyist

    VIOFO A129 Duo new Cameras including Infrared for Uber Lyft Taxi

    The A129 Duo Dual Channel 5Ghz WiFi Dash Cam has the most features of all VIOFO products. The accessories and options keep expanding and improving and now include new Cameras. This post will be updated will all Camera versions. The new camera 180 degree Lens rotation feature is a real game...