1. logimen

    Z26L hardbricked

    Hi, I bought my Yi Action Z26L on gearbest. Tried to update firmware and I got 3 red leds. Next tried to flash ELF file, got done but my camera turned off and now he behave like on video. No beeping, just flashing power LED and three status leds. Connecting to PC with USB Cable windows...
  2. L

    Fake xiaomi yi?

    can someone tell me plz if this cmaera is original or fake? The "hole" next to the tripod is missing and if its international veraion the battery back door should be metal and it's plastic
  3. M

    International YI Car DVR - info

    Hi all, I'd like to share what I've found so far for the topic [International Version] Original Xiaomi Yi Smart Dash Camera 165 Degree 2.7" Car DVR 1080P 60FPS ADAS H.264 for Android&IOS Not available for Poland, Israel, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Burma Anyone already got...