1. luckylz

    [Xiaomi Yi] Get exif information directly in camera

    I'd like to share my program (written in C) can get some exif information from Xiaomi Yi photo(jpg) / thumbnail(thm), directly run in camera. Limitations: 1.Only works for jpg & thm on Xiaomi Yi camera, others camera jpg format is not same; 2.As I only need the ISO & ShutterSpeed, there are...
  2. S

    Forcing higher iso

    I use two Yi's for taking pictures to Mapillary (crow sourced street view) but as soon as I get into e.g. light forest I start to get blurry pictures. When I look at the shutter speed I can understand it: It will often go down to 1/25 or 1/12. That would be OK if the ISO was completely maxed...
  3. F

    String manipulation in ash scripts

    Hello folks ! I'm new to this forum and to Yi camera too. Thank you for your work I discovered a lot of interesting things in such forum. I would like to create a script that according the time is able to change ISO and exposure used by the camera. I wrote a working bash script but unfortunaly...