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    Compilation of third party m12 lens

    Hoping to start a thread with a list of all third party lens posted here before for easy reference. Users wishing to contribute please state: Name of lense: How many mp? How many mm? What is the aperture? Link to thread...
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    A129 versions

    Hi! What is the meaning of A129-G, VIOFO A129-DG, VIOFO A129-D? And how come on the website states: Input DC5.0V/3.1A via mini USB https://www.viofo.com/home/81-62-a129-front-5ghz-wi-fi-full-hd-dash-camera.html#/25-gps_module-included Same as this...
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    Mobius m12 mount too tight

    Am I missing something? The m12 mount seems too tight to change lens. I can only screw it in a bit... I've used the allen key to remove the locking screw already.
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    Non distortion replacement lens

    Is there any?
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    8.25mm m12 lens

    Hi! Does anyone knows where peauproductions get this lens from? https://www.peauproductions.com/collections/mega-pixel-lenses/products/8-25mm-f-3-0-41d-hfov-16mp-br-no-distortion-gp82530 Some of their lenses are from 4k productions but this one doesn't seem so...