1. K

    Unable to display Map in Lukas Viewer

    I am in Thailand using Lukas Viewer version to view video footage from the dash cam. The application could properly display all types of video footages and used to be able to display maps properly. But lately, it has become unable to display Map and the following message was popped up...
  2. gapi

    Rexing V1G Player Map View Highlighted Tracks?

    I have a V1G, downloaded and installed the firmware and the players from the sight. I'm wondering about the difference between the two players, GPS RecordPlayer and GPS VideoPlayer. I also seen demos on the Webb with highlighted tracks on the map view. I cannot get the highlight to show. Thanks
  3. cdmonline

    Real time GPS mapping whilst playing dashcam video

    I found a way to convert the GPS track data produced on my Mini 0806 dashcam to a Google map to show the route that was taken using the web-site, which is really cool. However, I'd really like to see if there is a way to show the dashcam video AND live GPS tracking...