1. Frank-M17

    Matego Separated Style Dash Camera-magnet connection with power supply

    Hi everyone , here is some information about the new style Matego dash camera-magnet connection with power supply High Definition: Full-HD video 1920*1080 at 30 fps. Super wide 150° angle , F2.0 aperture, six layered coated glass lens. Night Vision Camera: Superior night-vision SONY sensor ...
  2. S

    Replacement power cord for MG380G?

    Hello everyone! I bought a MateGo MG380G from SpyTec a few months back and a couple days ago the power plug broke. One of the two wires severed right at the point where they enter the DC plug. I bought the device through Amazon. I contacted SpyTec to ask how to replace it and their response is...
  3. T

    Matego AV In pinout

    My MG800 got AV In port that I would like to use. It seem to take a mini-jack but I don't have a pinout for it. The known good "bullet"-type camera doesn't work with it. I would appreciate if someone could post here pinout information.