mobile applications

  1. DJ70

    Another Update ANOTHER FAILURE!

    Yet again Blackvue push an update which makes everything worse! :mad: WTF can't they leave things alone? Since todays update it won't recognise the internet connection, without lots of messing around! Tapping "Go back to app" returns you to.... this same screen!!!! Strong internet / wi-fi /...
  2. Mark S-H

    WiFi problems connecting to my B4K camera.

    I am currently having terrible problems connecting to my B4K camera using the WiFi. I am using firmware version B4K_20210201_V009 and using the UCam (now apparently called 'aidum') application Version on my Android telephone I open the Ucam (aidum) application and then I turn on the...
  3. K

    Thinking of purchasing the Thinkware U1000 , need advice also on a mobile hot spot that battery can last a long time

    Hi All, New to the dash cams, never had one but just got a new car and want the security. So I'm thinking of going with the Thinkware U1000 front and rear, with the radar, and with a battery pack. But in order to have 24/7 connectivity I would need a mobile hot spot as I won't be parking in a...
  4. J

    Question regarding Micro SD's in relation to Dash Cams

    Hello to all, First post here. I have a quick question. Are there any dash cams on the market that do not require a micro SD card? I am having a very hard time finding one. If so, what are the best ones? The reason I ask is because my computer does not have an SD port. Thank you so much for...
  5. I

    New mobile app for git2

    while we still waiting for official git2 app there is another free one available for ios and Android phones. Must say for now better than last two known apps. App is called ZSANYCAM. I don't like design and app have bug with photo shoot with sequence mode. But other two old apps have same...