nextbase 222

  1. EsQueue

    How does this compare to the Blackvue

    How well does this compare to the Blackvue 750S reliability and function wise? The 900 isn't an option due to the failure rate and overheating. I've gone through a Blackvue DR650GW, DR650S and DR750S, They all fail from 1-3 years. I'm ready to give a new company a chance.
  2. H

    Nextbase 222 not recording

    Any ideas on how I could fix this would be great as I’ve only had the dash cam for a few months! My Nextbase 222 regularly freezes when recording when it gets to 0:33. This will last for a minute or two and then it will start recording again from 0:00, however this means half of my journey is...
  3. V

    Dashcam HELP! Wires not fitting in car

    Hi all, I own a Volkswagen Up and I recently bought a Nextbase Dashcam. I attempted to follow the brand's video here But the wires WILL NOT slot into the weather seal, they just fall out as there's not enough material to grip it. I've tried both the passenger and drivers side and have the...
  4. S

    Brand new Nextbase 222 white screen.

    Hey everyone. I have just bought a Nextbase 222 for my father (after fitting a 522gw to my own car). I fitted the hardwire kit and then opened to box to dash cam (still sealed) and plugged it in. When it came on all it displayed was a white screen. All the buttons seem to do something, and...