1. BCHobbyist

    Novatek NT96660 Firmware Modification Guide for VIOFO A119S DVR

    Expanding my Firmware Modifications to include A129DUO, A119PRO, A119 & A119S Dash Cams. Download A129 Duo Modified Firmware > Download A119S Modified Firmware >...
  2. nutsey

    Galaxycore GC2023 vs Sony IMX323

    NT96650-based dashcams tested in low light side by side. Please note that the cam with IMX323 sensor has CPL filter installed.
  3. CrodPS

    Dual Camera Mirror DVR NT96663+AR0330

    A review of the Chupad R7 dual camera mirror DVR system Novatek NT96663 chipset and an Aptena AR0330 sensor 1080p Front + 480 Back
  4. Fusion Next

    Fusion Next just release FNMultiCam iOS version for testing (can support multi-platform)

    We are please release FNMulticam iOS version for testing , please download as follow link : There are key features : 1.One app support multi-platform : AMBA, NTK,AIT, OTUS 2.Local camera (phone camera) support , use can use remote cam & local cam...
  5. messi

    G1WH with a -new- chipset @ estore009

    Hi, I purchased my first G1WH at Ebay, estore009, and it is working fine for 6 weeks now. Today I wanted to order a second one, again at estore009, so I clicked on the purchase history link in my Ebay. I almost ordered it but then I saw they updated the G1WH with a new chipset: Model:G1WH...