1. K

    Does A119S support mass storage while connected to PC

    Dear All, I have just bought A119S. I'm really satisfied from what I see but one thing is missing for me. I do not want to pull out my memory card each time I want to download files on PC. Instead - I would like to connect my camera to PC via USB cable and see it on my desktop as a separate...
  2. JharwinBlack

    A119 OTG capabilities

    Just got my a119 with GPS two weeks ago, I'm just wondering what to do if one day I'm into a badluck (knock on wood, that it wont happen) that I need to access urgently the video files recorded without having it connected to USB cord from car for power. This is just in case the traffic enforcer...
  3. Questions

    Using an OTG cable with Mobius

    I purchased an OTG cable from Novotm, but I'm not figuring out how to use it with my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 5). Any help and instruction will be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Andrew