1. Vinz Clortho

    Will This Work?

    I have a Ford Transit connect cargo van with no rear windows. I also have a Thinkware X500 2 channel dash cam with a rear camera (not connected because no rear windows). I have it Hardwired, although I could not find a switched (ACC) circuit in the fuse panel so I ended up installing a switch...
  2. R


    I received my BULLETHD BIKER PRO WiFi enabled camera on October 9th. it was ordered through Amazon and promptly shipped from Pier28. (Excellent service!) I was initially very pleased with the features and performance. Now the unit has failed on two fronts: 1- I can no longer connect via...
  3. Sunny

    Review: 2nd Batch-BULLETHD BIKER PRO, 1080p, Wi-Fi, Water Resistant Motorcycle Camera DashCam

    @Pier28 sent 2nd batch of the BulletHD BIKER PRO camera. Here's link to my review of the 1st batch: Review: BULLETHD BIKER Riding Camcorder, 1080p, Wi-Fi, Water Resistant Motorcycle DashCam ********* Quick links: Daytime screenshots Daytime videos Night screenshots 2nd batch package looks...