recording time

  1. L

    Increase recording time

    Is there any modded firmware available that can increase the recording chunks to something other than a minute? It's honestly annoying to go through so many clips and as far as I know, the reasoning for this is so that in case you lose power from an accident, it can still save the footage. I...
  2. C

    Git2 recording time

    I've been testing my new Git2 and it seems to stop recording when the file size reaches 4GB, (on 1080 60fps this is 20 mins). But shouldn't it automatically start a new file and keep recording? I can't find anything in the settings to enable this. Otherwise I guess I need to cut down the...
  3. E

    What is the longest recording time you have taken with a Xiaomi Yi?

    Reading most tech review about Xiaomi Yi; Using just the standard battery, you can record for 1hr+. But if you plug it to a power source(usb charger/powerbank), do not use the waterproof casing(to help ventilate the heat) and use 64Gb memory card. What is the longest recording time, before it...
  4. Fenix

    G90 Ambarella A7 missing minutes

    The video quality is great with the G90 A7, but I'm having issues with gaps in the recording. Some clips are longer, some are cut off. I'm using a 32gb Samsung EVO microsd I haven't checked which firmware version I have, but it did have some mic problems so I just turned the sound off. Power is...
  5. F

    G1W-CB maximum filesize/recording time

    Hello everyone, after buying a G1W-CB from estore009 a couple of months ago I have been having contact about the maximum filesize/recording time of this camera. I have been searching on the forum and couldn't find an answer for the problem I am experiencing. Could anyone tell me if there is a...
  6. R

    Problems with Night Recording As Dash Cam

    I have an SJ4000. I took a trip down to Manchester and set my SJ up as a dash cam. In the day light I ended up with 10 x 10min cyclic recordings 10.4 Gb For the return journey I ended up with 117 files 3.2Gb with the files running from 10 minutes down to 30 seconds. The only settings that I...