1. TonyM

    SG9663DR - Wide Angle Lens Modification

    I installed my SG9663DR test sample for use as discreet remote side-facing cameras. My personal preference for side-facing dashcams is to use a wide angle lens to increase coverage alongside the car. Thus I decided to swap the original lens for a Mobius 1 C2 Wide Angle Lens. Both lenses have...
  2. Strange_Hitbox

    3DR review video, and lasting impressions

    Hey dashcammers, I had the SGG9663DR for a few months now and really put it through its paces. Here's the review video. Like: Hidden and separate DVR is different, but easier to use than one that's on a vertical windshield. Also keeps it hidden from the hot sun. Love the big red "panic"...
  3. TonyM

    SG9663DR Installations

    A thread for anyone to share ideas and experiences about the options, opportunities and challenges regarding installation of the SG9663DR Dual Remote Dashcam
  4. B

    SG9663DC Pro or wait for DR?

    Hello fellow friends! With all the researches I have gone through, SG9663DC pro seems to be the best product there is!!! in terms of stability and even parking mode. Question is... should I wait for DR? I am reading DR in other threads but I don't understand. You will have a DVR that is wired...