1. A

    VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K terrible low-light quality vs Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO+ ?

    I've had the SGGCX2PRO for a while now, wanted to upgrade to a 4k one so I can read license plates from farther out so got the Viofo. I installed them side by side to compare and...... During the day, it's much clearer for sure, and I really like how it can record in 10 minute clips instead of...
  2. Y

    SGGCX2PRO with X2WRC323 - Can't update firmware

    Hi all, I recently bought a SGGCX2PRO and a X2WRC323. Upon receiving them, I tried to update the firmware of the SGGCX2PRO (the camera states it has X2PRO+190321V1.22 out of the box) but the camera ignores the FWGCX2P.bin file and starts recording after boot. I followed the instructions here to...
  3. Skittle

    Cable cover questions

    1) Are there any pictures or videos demonstrating the optimal way to fit & run cables in the cover? There's a nice video on it for the SG9665GC, but I couldn't find anything for the SGGCX2PRO's different cable cover I sorta figured out a way that fits but I was wondering if there was a...
  4. Paromkin

    Firmware update to support IMX291 rear camera (SGR291CAM)

    Hi, I've recently bought SGGCX2PRO with SGR291CAM from Amazon and received instructions to update firmware in order to support rear camera. I formatted memory card using camera and copied file LDGCX2P.bin to card. Inserted it into camera and turned it on however it didn't notice any update...