side by side

  1. nutsey

    Galaxycore GC2023 vs Sony IMX323

    NT96650-based dashcams tested in low light side by side. Please note that the cam with IMX323 sensor has CPL filter installed.
  2. thancam

    Opia II - vicovation vs M6+ - DDpai

    raw file: The program editor is adobe premiere. The screenshoots were taken by gomplayer and were uploaded to flick because file size is larger than 2 Mb. I cant upload to this forums. The rawfiles were untouch...
  3. thancam

    Vicovation OPIA2 vs Anytek A3 vs XiaoYi

    I am copy from forums. @Pizdys seems dont comback our forums. So.... In nigh scene with a very small amount of light , Yi dashcam has the best image quality. And in day light, Opia2 takes its advantage. :) Nothing's surprise here :D
  4. J

    Side by side by side by side - Gopro, Cube+, Foxeer and Mobius

    Hey guys, here's a side by side by side by side video i put together to help settle the action cam wars. Please tell me which you think is the clear winner!