sjcam m20

  1. B

    Four Top Budget Action Cameras Side by Side - including battery life test

    A video test I just made comparing 4 of the best action cameras I've tested recently and their battery life. Might be of interest if you are looking for a camera? Very close thing really, though quality online suffered after YouTube compressed the video to death. Battery life differed by as much...
  2. TonyCams

    SJCAM M20 Sony IMX206 Gyro 2160p Action Cam on

    The SJCAM M20 Action Camera is now uploaded to the official SJCAM Site, SJCAM M20 hot-spots are: - Sony IMX206 16.4MP Sensor - Gyro Stabilization - Novatek NTK96660 Chipset - Adjustable FOV (narrow medium wide) - 2160P (2880*2160p) - the 4K in menu option is interpolated -...
  3. TonyCams

    SJCAM M20 16MP IMX206 Gyro 2.5k "55 gram" Action Cam Announced

    SJCAM M20 is slated to release in around a month of so. The M20 is SJCAM's lightest, most compact camera to date weighing in at only 55 grams. The M20 will arguably have one of the best sensors yet as well, the 16 mega pixel Sony IMX206 sensor. Powered by the Novatek NTK96660 Chipset, the M20...