1. T

    sjcam sj7 star accessories & alternative products

    so i bought a sjcam sj7 star itsa good camera i had firmware i think it was 1.05 but i updated to the latest 1.13 which fixed some issues thankfully. so i want to buy accessories but there isnt much available specific to the sj7 star so im finding it difficult to find anything i would like. im...
  2. TonyCams

    SJCAM SJ5000x Limited Edition - 2K Gyro 2.0" Action Cam Released!

    1000pcs SJCAM SJ5000x "Limited Edition" have arrived. This 1000pc SJ5000x batch will have the OmniVison 4689 Sensor and an Upgraded Lens. SJCAM will only release 1000pcs OV4689 SJ5000x at this price. After the 1000pc Limited Edition SJ5000x are sold, the SJ5000x sensor will be upgraded to...