1. K

    SJ6 Dynamic Range

    1080p 60fps Slowed and Colour Graded in post. P.s. I think SJCam should sponcer my videos. :)
  2. H

    Someone pls help me. No 720p 120 fps in eken h9

    I bought an Eken H9 on Gearbest about two months ago. I want to record slow motion video with it and it says in the specs that you can record 720p 120fps but when I go to settings it only allow me to record at 720p 30 fps. Please answer if you know how I can record slow motion video. Thanks
  3. KEHAN

    Low-Cost Action Camera Recommended - KEHAN C60

    Hi all, like other action cameras on the market, our Kehan C60 Action Camera is a compact video camera that takes inspirations from GoPro. It's one of our best sellers thanks to its decent build quality. Sample videos and reviews can be founded at...
  4. J

    Best budget dash cam for slow-mo

    I was wondering if you could help me with a question i've been asking myself. I'm after a dashcam in the style of the Xiaomi Yi but not quite ready to shell out big money for the 4K version. The reason being I want to make videos in my car of my driving and use the footage for video editing and...