1. W

    SJ6 battery size

    My new SJ6 came with 900 mAh batteries. Are there mAh options? They have official SJcam labels. I started to order a separate charger and extra batteries but the SJCam website says 1000 mAh / 1050 mAh in separate places for the SJ6 with no mention of 900 mAh. The official SJ6 charger (with...
  2. camera800

    Specifications mini 0901. Available in UK

    Available in http://www.hddashcam.co.uk/product/mini-0901-hd-wifi-camera-car-with-free-samsung-evo-microsd-card-32gb-plus-hardwire-kit/ Specifications: Display screen: 2.0 inch FHD TFT Chipset AIT chipset (1080P FHD) Wifi Function Built in Support Parking guard function Lens parameter 6G...