1. egonvdv

    Dashcam viewer won't play front & rear at same time

    al the files are there an i can play them one by one (front/rear/front/rear...) but the player won't join front & rear together. (the gps data/map does play simultaneously )
  2. egonvdv

    To buy or not to buy..

    My 770 dual is walking on it's last legs and I'm thinking of replacing. I had the q800 at some point but returned it as not impressed with the image (ie not better than the 770) in fact, i find that since the excellent 750, the quality has only been going down, while prices have gone up. I...
  3. Davekyn

    HOW TO STOP motion_timelapse_rec

    Hi, we are perplexed on how to stop unwanted motion time lapse recordings. In the settings we have made sure that under Parking Mode that we have only 'Motion Detection' selected. No where in the setting do we have Tim lapse enabled at all. We don't understand why we are seeing video clips...