1. V

    Viofo 3 wire kit

    Can anyone who has one of these kits verify that the power output differs from pin to pin on the 5 pin mini usb connector depending on what wire (ACC) or (+ battery) gets power ? I am wondering if the power switches pins based off what wire gets power... that is how the Dash cam knows to switch...
  2. Ferginator

    DR650S-2CH IR super hot in under an hour

    Hello, I was testing out my new camera and I had it on for maybe an hour in park mode and it got super hot real fast within that time. Is it suppose to get that hot? I saw in a demo video "black box my car" where they said most prefer to leave the plastic wrapping on the camera but should I...
  3. K

    My first video with SJ6 Legend

    Hoping SJCam give us a flat picture style option for video recording so we could colour correct and colour grade the footages efficiently.