Hardwire Kit with built-in Timer & Voltage Protection Settings

    Hi there! We've been quietly testing a hardwire kit called the Charger Plus we've developed over the past year. We've gone through several hundred of them and have received very good feedback for them. Below are some of the specs: 【Universally Compatible】– Use a USB cigarette charger to...
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    Dashcam off delay using Panasonic LT4H timer and Azatrax relay

    I've been thinking about setting up a timer relays for my cameras as a way to leave them running when the car is left in a parking lot while precluding forgetting them on overnight and draining my car battery. After a lot of research and learning about relays, I figured out that the best way to...
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    Yi Plus - A mod for switching capture and recording modes

    I've created a program to allow mode and setting changes without connecting to a phone and without needing to reboot. I've only tested it with 1.2.12 and 1.2.13 firmware so I can't guarantee it will work on anything else. Download...