1. R

    Firefly 8s videos

    Thought it would be good to have a thread where firefly 8s users could post their videos. Here are 2 of mine that I put together today. Recorded in 4k at 30fps. Driving footage is in wide fov setting, and all other footage is in medium fov. Time lapse footage is with 1sec interval.
  2. X

    HELP!!No longer videos with 16GB MicroSD

    My Git2 doesn't records videos of over to 1 minute, I use a SD card of 16GB, class 10. Someone else have this problem? someone found a fix? Thanks
  3. pcexpertblog

    Xiaomi Yi 4K - Photo and Video Samples (original files)

    Hello guys, I want to share with you my video and photo samples of the Xiaomi Yi 4K. Here's a video filmed at 4k@30fps - You can find the original video file at this url:!Hw4RDYab!Yj7WJVzwEWE8fh3FVE7LUSjnEY0Foqf8moGHijxjkPM This is a compilation of videos and photos filmed...
  4. S

    Xiaoyi dashcam - record in non HD to store more videos

    I have been using Xiaoyi dashcam, no doubt it is a wonderful device with great quality videos. The problem I am facing is that being an HD video recorder, Xiaoyi dashcam is only able to store 4 hours video in 32GB of memory card. Even if I go for 64GB, it will save just 8 hours of videos. As...
  5. IvanZar

    Gitup git2 Videos

    Small S on curves equal more contrast and color saturation. Gyro on wdr on Sharp medium Iso Auto Sound level medium With this settings turn off after 1 hour and 10 minutes. Anotation : Sharp hard is very aufool for my.