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    Brand new Nextbase 222 white screen.

    Hey everyone. I have just bought a Nextbase 222 for my father (after fitting a 522gw to my own car). I fitted the hardwire kit and then opened to box to dash cam (still sealed) and plugged it in. When it came on all it displayed was a white screen. All the buttons seem to do something, and...
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    SJ4000 WIFI doesn t work but he have sound and signal on pc

    Hello. I have a problem with my SJ4000 WIFI. I have signal on pc, sound.. but the screen is blank/white. I try to change firmware with the new and a lot of firmware's from differents sites but it doesn t work. Why i should to do? video with my problem:
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    Mini 0806 crashes on startup

    Hi, In May 2015 I bought two Mini 0806 dashcams. For various reasons, these were never installed until a few days ago, when I got one installed in the fiancee's car. However, it doesn't work. On startup, it makes the dingadinga sounds and displays the car startup image, then immediately...
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    G1W-CB white screen (of death?)

    Hi guys, Just joined up to find some help with my G1W-CB I've just purchased and now having a big problem with. I had it all set up (through trial and error - the supplied 'manual' isn't much help) and it was working fine for the first few days. I took out the sd card to check the videos and all...