xiaomi mijia mini

  1. TonyM

    GitUp F1 vs Xiaomi Mijia Mini (IMX317 4K & Ambarella A12)

    Both the GitUp F1 and the Xiaomi Mijia Mini share the same 8MP IMX317 4K sensor and the same Ambarella A12 processor, so I thought it would be interesting to put them side-by-side to see the differences between them. Disclaimer: I bought the Mijia myself, while the F1 was sent to me by GitUp for...
  2. B

    The new Xiaomi Mijia Mini - 4K and Touch screen for under a £100!

    My latest camera test and I think a winner from Xiaomi. The Xiaomi Mijia Mini 4K Touch screen, native 4K, EIS stabilised and good quality video for under a £100. (£80 on the Banggood link and a 20% coupon code as well.) It's the baby sister of the Xiaomi yi2 4K which is a benchmark for budget 4K...