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    yi 4k and 4k+ EIS range percentage

    I have both these cams, yi 4k and yi 4k+, and there is very noticeable difference in EIS stabilisation. yi 4k is more smoother... As there is just simple EIS on/off option in menu, I was a bit investigating how to set EIS more precisely. I got some logs from both cameras (with...
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    Yi4k+ after boot start ftp

    Hello, I trie to start the ftp-server on the camera after boot. autoexec.ash t ipc rpc clnt exec1 '/tmp/fuse_d/ftp.sh' ftp.sh #!/bin/sh #create file to test if ftp.sh is execute touch /tmp/fuse_d/allout.txt #start ftp tcpsvd -u root -vE 21 ftpd /tmp >/dev/null 2>&1 The file...
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    Yi 4k+ bitrate mod and firmware unpacker.

    https://github.com/irungentoo/Xiaomi_Yi_4k_Camera/tree/master/4k%2B Let me know if anything doesn't work and feel free to post anything interesting you discover if you decide to investigate the unpacked firmware.