1. Redzenova

    [Problem] When i update official fw 1.10.9 wifi cannot open in yi 4k

    Can anyone help me? But now I'm interested in yi4k's custom fw for more bitrate. Any one would teach me how to change fw to custom fw like step by step. Thank you : )
  2. A

    yi 4k and 4k+ EIS range percentage

    I have both these cams, yi 4k and yi 4k+, and there is very noticeable difference in EIS stabilisation. yi 4k is more smoother... As there is just simple EIS on/off option in menu, I was a bit investigating how to set EIS more precisely. I got some logs from both cameras (with...
  3. T

    Connecting from Linux/Windows PC via vlc

    I've seen a number of threads and the github stuff regarding the Action Cam, can the same method(s) be used to connect to the 4K version? I want to output the video to vlc in real time (I've read the camera gets a bit toasty....but that's a cooling issue) to see if I can connect multiple...