Wiring DR750X 1CH without BATT connection


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Dec 9, 2015
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Hello DashCamTalk,

Is it possible to wire/power on DR750X with just the ACC and ground connection? Or do I need to connect ACC and BATT to ACC fuses for the dashcam to power off with ignition?

Is this another possible alternative? to wire the dashcam accordingly and use a power magic pro with the switch on OFF to turn off the dashcam when the ignition is off?

I'm looking for the dashcam to power on/off when the ignition is on/off. I don't really need the parking mode and really like the aesthetics of the Blackvue cameras.

From my understanding the only function of the ACC wire is for the camera to monitor when the engine is on and off (so it knows when to activate parking mode). The power is provided through the BATT wire. So you should be able to get away with just hooking the BATT wire to a switched fuse.

Or as you mentioned, you can wire everything up like it's supposed to and use a PMP to switch OFF parking mode, which should effectively power off the dash cam.
The DR750X-1CH dash cam's 3-wire hardwiring harness must have power supplied to the BATT+ (yellow) wire to power the dash cam and power supplied to the ACC+ (red) wire to let the dash cam know when the vehicle's ignition is on/off. You can tie together the yellow and red wires and connect them to a switched power source (fuse tap) and the black to a good ground.

The BlackVue supplied cigarette lighter port power adapter is essentially doing just that, supplying the one power source from the cigarette port to both circuits in that harness that plugs into the dash cam.