YouMera App and automatic time sync


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Feb 12, 2024
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I have a Jabriel (from Aliexpress) hidden dashcam for BMW E60, so hidden inside the mirror cover and connected to the rain sensor. I don't have battery inside and also no GPS. Once car goes into full sleep (usually 30 min after locking) recording stops (which is ok for me) and time/date freezes until next use (which is not ok). Rain sensor doesnt have 24h power.

To have correct time on the cam I need to use YouMera App. Unfortunately syncing is not automatic with the app but I always need to manually connect to the cam with the app even when connected to the dash cam wifi hotspot.

Chipset is a Huawei Hi3516 with a Sony IMX307 lens.

- I tried to solve with automatic jobs on my Android headunit or my phone, but since the app needs the manual "select => connect", it is not so easy.
- Do you have any ideas to get time/date synced as automatic as possible with as little interaction of me as possible?
- Maybe some old version of YouMera supported this?
- I managed to have an automatic job when being in my car to connect to dashcam wifi once phone is connected to Android headunit BT and start the app...but then still the click to connect is needed :-( Also this will not work when the phone is in my pocket/locked
- Maybe some other apps can be used with this chipset?
- All ideas are welcome. It would just be nice to have correct time/date on the videos/app. For now I have timestamp off because most times its not correctly synced.