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The Street Guardian SG9663DR is the latest dash cam offering from Street Guardian. This a remote lens dual camera which is a first for the company. This design allows you to mount the lenses on the windows and the main unit elsewhere in the vehicle. Very few dash cams on the market today are designed this way.

Video Quality

The camera uses the Novatek 96663 processor and has 2 remote cameras that utilize Sony Exmor R IMX291 Starvis CMOS Sensors. Both cameras record 1080P at 30fps using a bit rate of 18Mbps. Both cameras have very good video quality during the day and good video quality at night. Even though the camera records at 1080p, the level of detail captured is quite good.


The main unit is small at 85 x 52 x 35mm (slightly bigger than a deck of cards) and comes with 2.7″ screen. The camera units are small as well at only 75 x 35mm, smaller than the typical standalone cylindrical camera. The adhesive mount, particularly the rectangular portion makes the camera less discreet but overall the size is still quite small. Some example installations can be seen on this thread in our forum.

Street Guardian SG9663DR Size
SG9663DR Camera Size

Note that the DCPRO IMX291 rear cameras are compatible with the main unit of the SG9663DR in case you are looking for a more wedge shaped camera instead of cylindrical.

The SG9663DR comes with an external GPS, CPL filter and supports MicroSD cards up to 512GB. The camera also has WiFi support and Android/iOS apps are available. You also get a PC or Mac Dashcam Viewer application to view files on your desktop or laptop. For error notifications, the SG9663DR provides both audible and screen notifications which will let you know if there are any issues recording.

An important item to note is that the SG9663DR only comes with a hardwire kit and does not come with a cigarette lighter adapter. The camera is designed to be hardwired to your vehicle but if you do want to use your cigarette lighter to power this dash cam, you will nee to purchase an optional cigarette lighter adapter.

When hardwired to your vehicle, the SG9663DR allows for timelapse (1, 2, 5 fps) parking mode with no audio or 30fps low bitrate parking mode with audio. Buffered parking mode is not available.


The SG9663DR comes with a 2 year warranty if you register the camera with Street Guardian within 90 days of purchase. Their warranty, excellent reliability and unmatched customer support are the key reasons for their success. There is extensive support for the camera by the manufacturer / resellers and they are very active in our forums.

Finally, Street Guardian’s attention to detail is evidenced by the full set of accessories provided with the SG9663DR.

Street Guardian SG9663DR Accessories
SG9663DR Included Accessories

Known problems

The SG9663DR has been recently released and there haven’t been any major issues reported.

Sample Videos

Day Video – Front
Day Video – Rear
Night Video – Front
Night Video – Rear

Should I Purchase?

The SG9663DR is one of the few remote lens dual cameras on the market today. Many Dashcamtalk members have asked for remote lens dash cams most released to date have had poor video quality or low reliability. The SG9663DR has very good video quality and while reliability is not known yet, Street Guardian is very proactive in improving their products with firmware updates. With a 2 year warranty (when registering your camera), the SG9663DR is an excellent camera in the remote lens dash cam segment.

Some things to consider before buying, the camera comes with a hardwire kit only so if you want to plug it into a cigarette lighter you mush purchase a separate adapter. Timelapse and low bitrate parking mode work well but if you are looking for buffered parking mode, the SG9663DR does not support. Finally the $325+ price tag is on the premium side but there are no comparable offerings on the market right now.

Check out what other owners have to say about this camera on the SG9663DR forum.



The latest firmware can be found at the Street Guardian Site.

User Manual

You can download the user manual here.


Detailed Specifications

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Camera Type Dual Channel
Form Factor Remote Lens
Country China
Processor Novatek 96663
CMOS Front Sony Exmor R IMX291 Starvis
CMOS Rear Sony Exmor R IMX291 Starvis
Channels 2
Screen 2.7"
Touchscreen No
G-Sensor Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Parking Mode Timelapse or Low Bitrate
Lock Files Auto or Button
Max Resolution Front 1920×1080p
Front Frames Per Second 30
Max Bitrate Front (Mbps) 18
Max Resolution Rear 1920×1080p
Rear Frames Per Second 30
Max Bitrate Rear (Mbps) 18
Video Format MP4
Compression H.264
Diagonal Viewing Angle Front 127°
Diagonal Viewing Angle Rear 127°
SD Card Type MicroSD
Max Size (Spec) 512GB
Max Size (User) 512GB
Size Front (mm) 75 x 35
Size Rear (mm) 75 x 35
Mount Adhesive
Power Supply 5V
Operating Temp -10°C to 60°C
Battery Capacitor
Error Notification Audio and Screen
Swivel (To Record Side Windows) No
Apps PC, OSX, Android, iOS
Cloud Connectivity No
Release Date Jun 2020
Warranty 24 months with registration
Unique Features Remote Dual Lens Camera
512GB MicroSD Support
Advantages Good video quality
Great support, firmware updates
& 24 month warranty
Good apps
Disadvantages High price tag
No bufferred parking mode
Final Word While expensive, this is most likely the best remote dual lens camera available on the market today

Published: Sep 28, 2020

Street Guardian SG9663DR - DashCamTalk

The Street Guardian SG9663DR, while expensive, this is most likely the best remote dual lens camera available on the market today

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