VWTech VW898

VWTech VW898

The VW898 dashboard camera is manufactured by the Chinese company VWTech (Shenzhen XinKeZhan Eletronics). The VW898 is a small, screenless dash cam / action cam similar to the Mobius, Innovv C1 and DIMIKA.  The camera records 1080p at 30f/s.   The VW898 is based on the Alpha Imaging Technology AIT8427D Processor and the OmniVision OV2710-1E CMOS sensor.  Bit rate is approximately 12Mbps.  Video quality during the day is good and night is average.  Overall performs a bit worse from a video perspective than the Mobius but it is priced $10 cheaper.

The VW898 is also very small at 55 x 35 x 22mm, but it is a bit thicker than the Mobius.  It comes in white or black, but for a more discreet installation, black is the color of choice.  The camera does not come with GPS or G-sensor.

There are a couple drawbacks with this camera.  Like the Innovv cameras, the VW898 uses an 8-pin proprietary USB cable which could be difficult to find if you are looking for a replacement cable or a longer cable.  The Innovv cable and the VW898 cables are identical.

The second drawback is that their is no configuration utility available.  All settings must be made via a usercfg.txt file and uploaded to the camera.  While not too difficult a task, this might be a bit overwhelming for individuals who are not tech savvy.  Here is a screenshot of the available options to configure the camera.

VWTech VW898 Configuration File

We would like to thank our member, USDashCamera, who did a review of the VWTech VW898 in the following video.

Known problems

Since this camera has just been released, there have not been any reported problems yet.

Sample Videos

Watch USDashCamera’s review for both day and night video quality.

Day Video (From Manufacturer)

Should I Purchase?

In these small, screenless dash cams, the Mobius has been the leader for quite some time now.  While the VW898 is a solid camera, video quality is not as good as the Mobius.  Also the Mobius has a larger support network of users given the thousands that have been sold and also utilizes a standard USB cable.

Overall, the Mobius is a slightly better buy but if you are looking at saving a few dollars, the VW898 could be a consideration.


Detailed Specifications

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Camera Type Action Cam
Form Factor Hanging - Low Profile Rectagular
Country China
Processor Alpha Imaging Technology AIT8427D
CMOS Front OmniVision OV2710-1E4
Channels 1
Screen No
G-Sensor No
Wi-Fi No
Parking Mode No
Lock Files Auto
Max Resolution Front 1920×1080p
Front Frames Per Second 30
Max Bitrate Front (Mbps) 12
Max Resolution Rear N/A
Rear Frames Per Second N/A
Max Bitrate Rear (Mbps) N/A
Video Format AVI
Compression H.264
Diagonal Viewing Angle Front 135°
Diagonal Viewing Angle Rear N/A
SD Card Type MicroSD
Max Size (Spec) 32GB
Max Size (User) 32GB
Size Front (mm) 55 x 35 x 22
Size Rear (mm) N/A
Mount Adhesive or Suction
Power Supply 5V
Operating Temp Unknown
Battery 650mAh
Error Notification No
Swivel (To Record Side Windows) Yes
Apps None
Cloud Connectivity No
Release Date Nov 2014
Unique Features None
Advantages Good video quality
Disadvantages Non-standard USB cable
Settings updated via a text file
Final Word VW898 is a solid camera but video quality is not as good as Mobius. Mobius is a slightly better buy but if you are looking at saving a few dollars consider the VW898.

Published: January 1, 2015

VWTech VW898 - DashCamTalk
VWTech VW898

The VWTech VW898 is a solid camera but video quality is not as good as Mobius. Mobius is a better buy but the VW898 is cheaper.

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