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    Thinkware F770 Review

    Hey guys! Juts popped in to say hello (Been so busy with work). Here is our Unboxing and Review: Here is our conditions footage: I'm going to try and get some footage on the Motorway when I next venture out and also some example "Super Night Vision" and "Timelapse".
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    Advanced In-Car Technologies - UK

    Hey Guys, It's been a while. Been so busy with one thing and another but did an Unbox & Review on the DOD LS470W+ that got sent to us the other day by DOD. I'm still compiling footage of it in use in different conditions etc so that will be up in a few days. Would have posted in the LS470 forum...
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    Advanced In-Car Technologies - UK

    Comparison Video between the Thinkware F750 and the Blackvue DR650 We're discussing it here -
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    Review of the Thinkware F750-2CH?

    Hey guys!! So we got asked by a heap of people to do a video between the two DashCams (F750 and the DR650). There was a lot of cables flying about with this one :) I set both cameras to record at their highest settings possible and had them rolling at the exact same time (Pain to sync up 4...
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    Advanced In-Car Technologies - UK

    Hey guys! Not been very active on the forum recently as we've been so Uber busy! Wanted to stop by and let you all know that we now have The Thinkware F750 in stock! You can check it out on the link below and got a couple of videos for you all to take a peak at...
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    Blackvue Firmware Upgrades - Now Mac Compatible!

    Hey guys... Thought all the MAC users out there will enjoy the info from Source: The new v2.002E firmware’s just released now have a MAC version as well as a Windows version . Models confirmed with a MAC compatible firmware are the...
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    Support for Marcus1 and Marcus3 added to Dashcam Viewer for Mac and Windows

    Well done John... Another excellent update!! You have a really tangible piece of software now that you should be very proud of :D
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    Capturing BlackVue video

    Hey, Is this so you can grab info such as Google Map, and XYZ movements at the same time? Or are you trying to just get the actual footage out?
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    Feedback on Geekbuying Dashcam

    Now that is an offer!!! Well played sir :D
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    VicoVation WF-1 Review

    Hey guys!! I know the WF-1 has been out a while but we did a review on it a few weeks back which I thought I would share on here. Overall I'm pretty impressed with it so far. The phrase "Keep It Simple" rings throughout and I'm really looking forward to the Marcus Range :) Anyway, for those...
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    New Blackvue DR500 Lite & DR530 Reviews

    Pretty much. I think they've made these as budget versions to replace the DR380 and also provide a cheaper dual system.
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    New Blackvue DR500 Lite & DR530 Reviews

    Just uploaded the new version so the DR500 Lite will now play :)
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    New Blackvue DR500 Lite & DR530 Reviews

    Yeah I had to de-activate it for the time being as the Audio went a bit funky when it rendered out. It's re-uploading to YouTube at the moment. Will change the link later on :)
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    Custom firmware BlackVue DR550GW-2CH

    Sorry I'm slightly confused.... You want people to donate to look at an English thread on your forum? I originally asked if you had a direct thread (In English) that folk here can look at. This would no doubt help you get more people using the custom firmware and potentially increase your...
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    Custom firmware BlackVue DR550GW-2CH

    I imagine there will be a few happy DR550 users out there :D Have you got a direct link to the English 550 thread alexsoll ?