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    Motion-activated LED floodlights for vehicles?

    The thought crossed my mind to put those $5 solar powered motion lights on the roof rack (or similar). Just how to DIS-arm their function during driving; only arm during parking, is a thought exercise I have not completed.
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    Dodge Challenger High Speed Pass

    I'm not good at math, but that looks more like 327 MPH to me. :) LOL Ok, side note, I've had multiple FCA products on tracks in past year. The Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye at nearly 800 HP is SO MUCH FUN!!! And I drove that right after (aka back-to-back) driving the Acura NS-X, and I...
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    Dashcam Viewer for Mac and Windows

    You guys are amazingly full of good information and ideas. The 'lot' of us should create a start-up company on Kickstarter! :)
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    Dashcam Viewer for Mac and Windows

    Hey, has anyone ever had the opinion that sometimes they'd like a better way to identify cars by their license plates? YOU KNOW WHAT!????? It's simple... SPEAK THE LICENSE PLATES WITH YOUR VOICE That's what I do. benefits. 1. Keeps you alert enough to perform the mental gymnastics of looking...
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    Power Magic EZ

    My first attempts with the power magic ez failed, too. But it's working now. Not sure of the winning formula. I have a 4902CH. Last night was first overnight it worked. Videos seem good today.
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    BlackVue Sync - A new portable, hands-off, automatic recording downloader for NAS or Docker

    it'd be great to get you and john / @traveler together and brainstorm on ideas.
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    Blackvue Mac OS app distorted audio

    Like an old ANALOG tape being replayed at wrong or variable speeds, my Mac app makes people's voices sound low and slow or fast and high. The files themselves, when played in any other app, sound fine. Anyone else experience this?
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    Blackvue DR490 2CH sample AVI file

    I just bought one. Let me know if you are willing for me to put a file on DROPBOX, and I can send you one of mine.
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    Anyone got any info on the new Xiaomi 70 minutes dash cam?

    I have four of these now. These are my "go to" Dashcam.
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    Should I report this to the police? [UK]

    No sense of adventure, Nige.
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    Should I report this to the police? [UK]

    We took our first ever trip off across USA border and chose England & Wales in 2011. From Heathrow we arrived in South Ken, hotel, and tube station there. Took it directly to the first place I wanted to visit... McLaren showroom! :) Still have not driven one. (Got invite to test drive the...
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    Should I report this to the police? [UK]

    Lots of people I see on the web from UK and other places always wonder why USAmericans drive such big honkin' vehicles. It's because we have to equalize the other big honking vehicles AND couple that with distracted driving. Some people barely pay attention here. I know that I HAD to pay more...
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    Can you report people to police who break the law, if caught on dashcam?

    I have not read any replies. So forgive me if this is repeat.
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    Should I report this to the police? [UK]

    Are you of the opinion that people are incapable of driving and talking? Perfectly legal here. And people sneak the texting in, as well. even/especially COPS. (I have read NONE of the early replies) But is there something fundamentally different about UK-ers/British that would make them not be...
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    Road Rage - how do you lot keep your cool?

    I drive speed limit, in the right (slow lane), use all my lights, signals, I am attentive to other driver's needs (if they signal), I have gotten/arrived everywhere I needed to with this approach. I also live in an area where there are few laws restricting one's USAmerican (natural) right to...