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  • Hi mio, I have a problem with my DR500gw, one day it just started speaking a different language, I flashed a different firmware to it and it did not boot completely, I formatted it thru the pittasoft gui and the symptom came back. Any help will be appreciated. I posted a link in youtube for your reference. waiting for your reply. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lx9ZUTdD4h4
    Are you still issuing the custom firmware for the DR500GW-HD? If so, I would appreciate it very much.
    Thank you.
    Hello Mio. I have a new BlackVue DRG500 with WIFI, and I am disappointed with the image quality.

    Would you be able to send me your custom FW?

    Best Regards,

    P Kalika
    HI Mio,

    I have a DR500GW-HD wifi (English Version), currently with firmware 1.008. I've read quite a bit about the custom firmware and was wondering where I could download it from?

    Thank you.
    привіт я бродив якщо мені потрібно прошивку на моєму DR500 або МКС Великобританії прошивки досить хорошому ви знаєте .... THX за будь-яку допомогу товаришеві, як їм нове для всього цього
    hi i was wandering if i need your firmware on my dr500 or iss the uk firmware good enough do you know....thx for any help mate as im new to all this
    Hi Mio, I read somewhere that you might have a custom firmware for Blackvue 550 in English that is better than the stock one. If you have one can you post a link please. Very happy Christmas to you all.
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