1. hultaj

    Review - mini 0801s

    It is my first review, so don't kill me for being non professional ;) I have it for over 3 months now, and I think it is a good time to say something about my 0801s, bacause it is a quite nice dashcam. I like to test unpopular things. Everyone is talking about great a119, people in my country...
  2. hultaj

    [DIY- the easiest way] CPL for mini 0801s

    It is very easy and looks like the oem. You can adopt this idea with other dash cams with protruding lens. so let's start. lens in 0801s is small. the smallest cpl I have found was 24mm- still too big for 0801s. BUT it has a metal ring inside it. All You need to do is go to a store and buy...