720 degree camera

  1. Caroline

    it is AWSOME - AWSOME - AWSOME!!!!

    https://api2.camsgear.com/index.php/Play/playvideo?file_id=MjA6NDI6NTIyNDk4 Since the video uploaded to facebook/youtube became not as clear as original, I created another link for reference. And this is one feed back: Caroline, it is AWSOME - AWSOME - AWSOME!!!! You look very beautiful, and...
  2. Caroline

    Handheld 720 degree mini camera

    Welcome to ask sample and test the camera.
  3. Caroline

    720 degree camera VR camera WIFI VS OTG

    Hello,This is Caroline from Shenzhen, China. I am promoting 2 kinds of 720 degree cameras: AC001: connect to mobile though wifi, has battery, can be used for all mobile phone; AC002: connect to mobile by OTG fuction, cann't be used by iphone. The feature is the camera record live...